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  • At Global Translation , we are clear with the concepts of integrity, professionalism and results.
  • These concepts are at the heart of what we do. Global Translation providing the most reliable language translation and interpreting services on North American market.
  • We translate from simple sentence to more complex legal interpretation projects. Our certified staff guides you at every step of the way for any work that you may require.
  • We are proud to be able to offer our translating and interpreting throughout US and Canada.

At Global Translation, we understand that every organization is different and has unique language requirements. This is why each and every client has access to a project manager who can provide free consultation regarding their individual language requirements. The language requirements that a law firm requires differ significantly to the needs of a community organization but they also share a commonality; the need for the highest quality translation possible provided by an expert in their field. As such, through our analysis of an organizations language requirements, we are able to ensure that the right translator is chosen for an organizations project. Furthermore, our translation service meets stringent quality assurance benchmarks to ensure that each and every translation is at its highest quality. however

Languages We Translate


Global Translation translates for all major Asian-European languages, providing professional translation services for different clients across a wide range of industries.

We provide translation services in over 120 languages so chances are that we can provide a translation service for you in the language you are looking for.

If you do not find the target language mentioned below, just email us and we'll check if there are resources available for you.

Afrikaans Chinese Cantonese Russian Slovenian
Arabic Hebrew Slovak Swedish Lithuanian
Czech Croatian Hungarian Mongolian Tagalog
Danish Hindi Icelandic Norwegian Thai
Dutch Estonian Italian Indonesian Turkish
Vietnamese French Japanese Polish Persian
Belorussian Finnish Korean Portuguese Urdu
Bosnian German Latvian Punjabi Spanish
Bulgarian Malay Romanian Ukrainian Greek




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